Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Hairstyles for 2011/12 Womens

2012 is the year of change. And the realm of fashion, 2012 is the year the radical hairstyles! This trend is prefigured in the extreme hairstyles worn by celebrities at the end of 2011. But what, in particular, women should look out for and expect in 2012? Fashion Week put the spotlight on a couple of excellent season as a new, super-long planning and Pixie-bobs leading the runway. I look forward to layers, Razor-cut bob and blunt bangs to freshen up period. This year will likely see a lot of women with the addition of multiple layers and volume to the hair roots, giving the fall and a thin fringe on the forehead and some long gaze turns to sexy to shape the face. If you just can not part with long hair, remember that to get rid of the super-straight locks, which were so popular in recent

 As past hairstyles, new hairstyles for fall fashion in the same ..

 new memo girl hairstyle