Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New fashion styles for men 2011/12:

Something is happening in the American style, and it happens right now, all around us. In cities and suburbs, where we live and work, a transformation in the way everyone - not just men, but especially men - think personal style is both the beginning and in flight. We fuck about how we look, first, so that most of us did not care this year. We are dressing a little more creative, more unexpectedly, a bit more secure. We mix formal and informal, high and low, and the traditional techniques in new ways. We embrace the technology that allows us to customize everything from the shores of our lapel jacket the color of our shoes. (That's right: We care about the magnitude of our losses and the color of our shoes.

) Discovery of a new generation of designers, the most promising and most prolific since the early days of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, which gives us a boyish bold vision for the next century. And we're doing here today, now, what it means to dress well dressed as an individual, not as a character on TV or even a mannequin in a store. Here are the agents and drivers of this revolution in style, and invite you to find inspiration, to steal ideas and make them your own. Because something is happening in the American style, and now all around us, and should be part of it.