Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gossip » Taylor Lautner Dishes On His Double Life

Taylor Lautner Dishes On His Double Life 
Taylor Lautner Dishes On His Double Life

His celebrity makes it impossible to go unnoticed, and Taylor Lautner has been forced to separate his personal life from that of his career.

The Jacob Black actor explained, “I live two different lives. So when I’m just in Taylor’s life and I’m just, you know, at home spending time with friends, it’s great, it’s a totally different life than this Twilight world for sure.”

“Yeah you want to go out and sometimes that is difficult, but if I were to randomly go out I would meet a lot of people and I would definitely make some more friends! So I guess in a sense it kind of helps.”

And just in case he gets an ego, Lautner has folks to keep him humble. “It’s my family and my friends; they’ve always kept me super-grounded and if I ever got, you know, if I ever got cocky at all they would chop me at the knees! I think it’s also helped because we’ve all grown up together, like the whole cast. We’ve all had to deal with it together. We are like a team, and I think it’s helped a lot.”