Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gossip » Say What? The Week in Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets

Say What? The Week in Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets  
(Photos by Flynet, Twitter, Pacific Coast News)

Twitter has given celebrities a license to unleash whatever pops into their heads upon the entire world. Many times, these off-the-cuff thoughts are self-serving or even mundane, but then there are those occasions where we get tweets that are hilarious, insane, or just downright ridiculous. Let's take a look at some celebrity tweets that made us go, "Say what?"

The best thing we saw on Twitter this week is pictured above--Oprah walking over hot coals with the motivational aid of one Tony Robbins. Thank you, Oprah, for that face:

Again, for good measure:
And you thought you could get through life without having to picture a pregnant Jessica Simpson cut one... or 225, we suppose:

Hollywood science experiments:

A Public Service Announcement for any parents considering taking on a reality TV star as a babysitter:

Meanwhile, older brother is late to the realization America had five years ago:

Seems like the source material for her "Friday" follow-up... also, a totally legitimate reason to get upset, Ms. Black:

Weapons of mass distraction:

This is just a fine opportunity for a mean joke, but we're taking the high road. You can have at it though:

We wish Devon Sawa was our SPAM filter:

Cheers to Paris Hilton's kindness, just wish this didn't make us jealous as we gorge Hamburger Helper: