Friday, November 25, 2011

Gossip » Robert Pattinson's Solo Week-Ending UK Outing

Robert Pattinson's Solo Week-Ending UK Outing 
Robert Pattinson's Solo Week-Ending UK Outing

None too pleased at the sight of the pesky paparazzi, Robert Pattinson was spotted leaving his flat in London, England on Friday (November 25).

Sporting a Baltimore Orioles baseball cap and casual outfit, the Edward Cullen hunk looked a bit perturbed upon exiting his house as he walked past the on-hand shutterbugs.

In the midst of his recent "Breaking Dawn" promotional schedule, Pattinson weighed in about how since “Twilight” was created, there are now a plethora of vampire-based shows and movies.

Rob told press, "It's like that Coke versus Pepsi thing, and how Coke just said 'There's a reason everyone compares themselves to us. 'Twilight' was the original and everybody's trying to copy it. They're all just trying to jump aboard the 'Twilight' train!"

Meanwhile, "Breaking Dawn" continues to sit atop the box office, as the latest from the "Twilight Saga" is on track to add another $55 million over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend for a grand total of $179 million in the States.