Friday, November 25, 2011

Gossip » Rachel Weisz Takes "The Deep Blue Sea" to BAFTA

Rachel Weisz Takes  
Rachel Weisz Takes "The Deep Blue Sea" to BAFTA

Tending to promotional duties, Rachel Weisz was spotted at the BAFTA photocall for her upcoming film "The Deep Blue Sea" in London, England earlier today (November 25).

Showing off her effortlessly chic style, the "Dream House" actress dressed in a black jacket, striped top, and leather pants as she posed for photogs covering the UK event.

During a recent interview, Rachel discussed her character in the Terrence Davie flick, telling press, "She makes a kind of fool out of herself. She's so in love and so desperate to be with Freddie that she doesn't really care that he gives her nothing and treats her badly: she'll take anything. And I thought that was a really interesting emotional place to be in."

"I suppose you can say [love] is a kind of madness, isn't it? That's sort of what I guess the film is about; throwing away reservations and being completely, totally at the mercy of all your passions, throwing your manners and your breeding and your upbringing and your class, or whatever, out the window," Weisz added.