Friday, November 18, 2011

Gossip » PETA Goes After Kim Kardashian In New Billboard

PETA Goes After Kim Kardashian In New Billboard 
PETA Goes After Kim Kardashian In New Billboard

As if she doesn’t already have enough to deal with, Kim Kardashian is now the target of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization.

PETA has come up with a new billboard urging her to stop wearing fur. The tagline, “Kim: These babies miss their mother. Is she on your back?” accompanies a picture of Kardashian wearing a fox fur around her neck and another photo of baby foxes in a hole.

Back in August, PETA sent Kim a faux fur for a wedding gift. They explained, "It's no secret that Kim has a penchant for wearing fur, but we're hoping that this elegant velvet-lined throw - the same style that is used at premier resorts - will help convince the future Ms. Humphries to say 'I do!' to being kind to animals.”

PETA VP Lisa Lange released a statement, saying, "Kim knows that animals on fur farms are beaten, electrocuted, and often skinned alive. We've explained it to her, and she's watched a video expose that was filmed inside fur farms. When Kim is ready to put an end to her relationship with fur, PETA will be happy to take her discards and donate them to the homeless."