Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gossip » Jackson Rathbone's Grove Stroll with His Lady

Jackson Rathbone's Grove Stroll with His Lady 
Jackson Rathbone's Grove Stroll with His Lady

Taking a break from his busy schedule to do a little shopping, Jackson Rathbone and his girlfriend stopped by The Grove in Los Angeles, California on Monday afternoon (November 21).

Looking every bit in love, the multi-talented 26-year-old was all smiles as he strolled by the paparazzi hand-in-hand with his brunette gal pal.

During a recent interview, Jackson dished about the antagonistic protagonist ways of his "Twilight" character, telling Movieline, "It’s definitely the thing I love about Jasper the most. He’s fighting his instincts in order to maintain that last shred of humanity. That’s what I find fascinating about this band of vampires and the mythology that Stephenie Meyer has created in the Twilight series. I think that’s what people are attuned to. Every day in our lives we’re surrounded by temptation and to finally have protagonists who really are trying to stay away from that temptation, that’s beautiful."

He continued, "In 'Breaking Dawn — Part 1' we have the wedding between Bella and Edward, and they’ve waited. They’ve waited until they’re married, and that’s cool, man. I’m glad that there’s a story out there like that, because we’ve lost that as a civilization. I think it’s about time that we got more of the love and left lust behind a little bit. People want to see good and want to know how much good there is in the world, and how much good there is within us. I think it’s been pounded into our heads that we’re evil and that we’re base creatures who give in to sin and temptation, but I think that’s wrong. There’s such an incredible light that shines within ourselves and sometimes people try to put it out, and it’s really nice to see it upheld."

As for what's next on Rathbone's agenda, he says he's looking to spend a little time behind the camera. "I’ve been trying to find time to direct. I have a short film that I wrote that’s very important to me. It’s a dark comedy based on my philosophical beliefs in life. … I really love film, and I have ever since I was like 13, 14 and sneaking out to go watch movies at my friends’ houses because my parents didn’t let us watch very much film. I kept the George A. Romero box set of zombie films underneath my bed when I was 15 because my parents would’ve said it was some kind of evil and thrown it out," he explained.