Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gossip » Hugh Grant Talks Phone Hacking

Hugh Grant Talks Phone Hacking 
Hugh Grant Talks Phone Hacking

There’s nothing worse than an invasion of privacy, and Hugh Grant is striking back against Mail on Sunday for allegedly hacking his phone for a story about his love life back in 2007.

The “Mickey Blue Eyes” actor’s testimony against the British tabloid was heard during a media ethics inquiry over the weekend.

Back in 2007, Mail on Sunday published a story about problems in Hugh’s relationship with Jemima Khan that he believes could have only been written if the tabloid had hacked into his voicemail to hear ‘mysterious plummy voiced messages’ left by another woman.

Grant insisted that the woman was a producer friend’s assistant. “She would leave charming, joking messages… and she had a voice that can only be described as plummy... I’d love to hear what the Daily Mail or the Sunday Mail‘s explanation of what that source was if it wasn’t phone hacking.”