Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gossip » Evan Rachel Wood's Tinseltown Errand Run

Evan Rachel Wood's Tinseltown Errand Run 
Evan Rachel Wood's Tinseltown Errand Run

Tending to the day's errands, Evan Rachel Wood made her way around Hollywood, California this afternoon (November 15).

The "Ides of March" beauty, who is rumored to be engaged to British beau Jamie Bell, was all smiles as she buzzed about Tinseltown in a black and white suit ensemble.

And it looks like Ms Wood has more than one reason to be happy these days, as she's been getting nothing but love via her social media page.

While she admits many stars face hate messages plastered to their Twitter feeds, the 24-year-old actress says she's had a very different experience, telling press, "I can be really critical, and you hear the bad stuff more than the good and then all of a sudden, there's all of these people every day who are like, 'I love you, and you're so inspirational,' It's nice to actually hear some of the good things sometimes."