Friday, November 25, 2011

Gossip » Christina Aguilera ‘Loves Her Curves’ and Is ‘Proud to Be a Curvy Latina’

Christina Aguilera has been  wearing the tiniest and the tightest little outfits

Christina Aguilera

Ever since her appearance at the MJ tribute a while back (picture above), Christina Aguilera has been wearing the tiniest and the tightest little outfits, apparently sending the message that she loves her new fuller body (see her pantless here) – and Radar brings us a confirmation:
Christina Aguilera isn’t model thin and she doesn’t care! The 30-year-old superstar performed at the American Music Awards Sunday night and has photos of her in a skin tight sparkling Herve Leger dress. Critics have slammed the singer’s robust figure, even saying she looked pregnant, but she doesn’t let that bother her.
“Christina loves her curves,” a friend close to the singer exclusively told “She is not pregnant! She’s a Latina woman with curves and since when is it not ok to have curves?”
Recently photographed looking like she’s put on a few pounds, Christina has told her friends that she is “proud” of her body.
“She feels like she is setting an example for women and young girls, especially Latinas. She’s very proud of her curves. Christina thinks she is a good role model – not everyone is super skinny and she wants girls to embrace their body type.”
Christina told her friends that she will continue wearing revealing dresses.
“It’s not what you look like in a dress, it is how you feel and it is about owning your dress. If you want to wear a tight dress then own it. She says you need to be happy in your own skin the way she is happy in hers.”
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