Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music » Tuned In: Usher Parks in Handicapped Spot, Draws Lady's Beer-Fueled Wrath

Usher Parks in Handicapped Spot, Draws Lady's Beer-Fueled Wrath
Singer Usher poses in the VIP Lounge at the iHeartRadio Music Festival held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 24, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)

Usher Parks in Handicapped Spot, Draws Lady's Beer-Fueled Wrath Usher (Getty Images)
Many celebrities have entitlement issues, but rarely do they end up in physical altercations as a result, the exception being Shia LaBeouf, of late. Now Usher can join his unlucky ranks, as his decision to park in a handicapped spot led to a very angry woman dousing him in beer.

Also in music news, Justin Bieber's holiday tracks are all over the Interwebs, Madonna has enlisted M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj for her upcoming single, and Adele will soon undergo surgery to repair her damaged vocal cords.

  •  Usher probably didn't think twice about pulling into a handicapped spot at a parking lot near the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade last weekend – until he got a face full of beer, that is. TMZ reports that a woman took advantage of the driver's side open window on Usher's car by shaking up a beer and letting it spew into his face.

Apparently Usher grabbed a water bottle and sloshed her back, at which point she kicked his car door until he got out. A video has surfaced of the woman screaming, "You don't belong here!" at the R&B star, with people struggling to hold her back.

Just imagine what might have happened if this confrontation had gone down with Chris Brown.

  •  JUSTIN BIEBER WILL OWN YOUR CHRISTMAS. Several more tracks off his upcoming holiday album Under the Mistletoe have found their way to the 'net this week, including his re-recording of "All I Want for Christmas" with Mariah Carey, his cover of "Little Drummer Boy" featuring Busta Rhymes (and, sigh, "Shawty Mane," Bieber's rapping alter-ego), and "Christmas Eve," some baby-making slow jam.

This song is totally going to inspire many a Christmas pageant dance routine. Get ready for inappropriately bared midriffs and Santa hats!

Usher Parks in Handicapped Spot, Draws Lady's Beer-Fueled WrathThis is happening.
•  Madonna's ditched her director's hat for the time being and returned to the studio, meaning she's already started recruiting the music industry's most popular people to guest on all her tracks. First up: Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., who are featured on Madge's new track "Give Me All Your Love."

According to Just Jared, the song is produced by Martin Solveig, the same DJ who provided the bouncy disco hit "Hello" over the summer. What's more, Madonna just may perform the song at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show this year. So it's going to be a pants-off dance-off, we're guessing.

  •  Major sadness: Adele has canceled all remaining performances and appearances through the end of the year, as she will soon undergo surgery to heal her wounded vocal cords. In a statement posted to the British singer-songwriter's website promises "a full recovery," although it's safe to say Adele's not happy about it. Get well soon, lady!