Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Week in Review: October 28
Usher, Nicki Minaj, and Lindsay Lohan.

Usher suffered the wrath of a (probably) drunk woman at a Halloween parade this week when he parked his car in a handicapped spot. The woman shook up a beer and sprayed it all over his face through his open driver's side window and he reciprocated by drenching her with his bottled water. The two got into a screaming match while a guy dressed like Elvis did his best to keep them separated.

• While nothing out of the Lohan camp actually feels shocking at this point, we were somewhat surprised to learn that Lindsay Lohan would be stripping down for a Playboy photo spread. In between court-ordered community service visits to the county morgue, it seems LiLo was busy at the Playboy mansion where she was posing for an allegedly full-frontal shoot. No word yet on when the pictures will be published, but she'll likely grace the cover. TMZ claims she was paid somewhere between $750,000 and $1 million for the shoot.

Week in Review: October 28  
Steven Tyler's battered face. (NBC)

Steven Tyler busted his teeth and bruised his ego this week when he slipped in the bathtub and fell on his face. The former Toxic Twin was adamant that the fall was wholly unrelated to any form of substance abuse, and in true rockstar fashion he was rocking out behind his scarf-adorned mic stand the very next night. You think a little thing like a missing tooth is going to keep Steven Tyler down? Dream On.

• Halloween has people scrambling to find the perfect costume, and while we here at Zimbio have gone to great lengths to show our users just how to get some of their favorite famous looks, one star in particular is sure to be this year's most popular costume. According to Google, Nicki Minaj has topped its list of the most-searched-for celeb costumes. Good luck everyone on finding a replica version of her pink plastic chicken wing necklace.

Week in Review: October 28

Jessica Simpson's pregnancy has gone from "rumored" to "obvious" this week as her baby bump has just become too pronounced to ignore. The actress/singer/reality star was spotted at LAX last weekend with what is either a baby bump or a pillow stuffed down her shirt. While Simpson has declined to confirm her pregnancy to anyone, we're going to go ahead and call her pregnant. Congrats to babydaddy Eric Johnson!

Week in Review: October 28

Week in Review: October 28

• Speaking of expecting fathers, Bruce Willis has another baby on the way. Willis, who has three daughters with ex Demi Moore, has successfully knocked up 33-year-old wife Emma Heming. So you think it'll be a challenge for the 56-year-old dad to keep up with his brand new baby? Nah. After all the guy has already walked on glass, saved the world at least thrice, and weathered the fall-out from Hudson Hawk.

• Tara Reid admitted this week that her recent quickie marriage to Zack Kehayov was all a big lie... just like her acting career.

• And lastly, we have the cutest news of the week. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got a puppy together, and even though the news spread far and wide, the Internet (despite all our expectations) did not explode.