Sunday, June 19, 2011

GOSSIP NEWS >> Estella Warren Seeks Post-DUI Treatment

Attempting to turn her life around while also making a preemptive strike ahead of her courtroom appearance, Estella Warren has opted to seek treatment at a residential rehab center.

Recently charged with counts of DUI, police battery, resisting arrest and hit-and-run, the 32-year-old model/actress' program entails the use of a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol consumption 24/7.

Of the decision to get help, Warren's lawyer, Darren Kavinoky, told People magazine, "She wants to prove she isn't drinking. She's committed to making the situation right and moving on in a way that's appropriate."

With Estella facing six months in jail for her actions, Kavinoky added, "This scenario can be the catalyst for significant change. Estella's attitude towards this whole thing is awesome. She's more than accepting. She's embracing the personal opportunities that have come from this."

 Photo Credit: Getty Images