Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GOSSIP: Kristen Stewart's LAX Liftoff

Finished up with her brief stay on the west coast, Kristen Stewart was spotted arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (June 6).

The Bella Swan actress kept covered up with the help of a security staffer as she readied for the outbound flight following an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards the previous night.

During her awards show evening, Miss Stewart was doted the award for Best Female Performance by presenters Ashton Kutcher and Nicki Minaj - the latter of whom spoke with MTV about how she and Kristen formed a bond.

Minaj dished, "[Kristen] had shoes on that didn't hurt her feet. And she didn't care that they looked really kind of crusty. But I did too! I had my Uggs on backstage."

Nicki continued, "So that made me bond with her. She's cute."