Saturday, June 18, 2011

FASHION >> Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Brings Today’s Quotes

Wait–you miss the food in England? Really?
Oh, my God, so much! I find it strange that people say English food is so bad. To me it’s delicious. I’ve never really considered it, but I was thinking the other day maybe it’s strange to have beans on toast for breakfast.
You’re famous for your lips. Is that something you’ve worked on?
The rest of my body requires a lot of upkeep, but the lips are one thing I don’t have to work on. They’re funny, because they change color with my mood. They get really, really red when I’m angry or passionate, and pale when I’m miserable or tired. But I suppose everyone else’s do too.
Uh, no…
They have a life of their own. they get me in trouble. you know mood rings? I’ve got mood lips.
Have your lips started to get you recognized more often in America now?
I was at the DMV. My driving instructor was like, “You’re the Victoria’s Secret model!” I failed my last test miserably, but this guy passed me with flying colors.
… says Rosie in Maxim.