Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celeb GOSSIP >> Justin Bieber and Chris Brown's Intense 'Next 2 You'

We're used to Justin Bieber's candy-coated pop music videos, but the teen star took a turn for the serious with the help of bad boy Chris Brown in their "Next 2 You" music video. The video for their collaboration features a post-apocalyptic world complete with big fires and ominous clouds, lots of gray skies, and, of course, plenty of dancing.

There's lots of darkness in the video, but there's also a hot lady to lighten the mood. American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth is Brown's love interest in the video! She and her love forge through the rubble and fire to find each other during the 6-minute video.

Bieber has a gal pal at the beginning of the video, but her dad comes in and swoops her away, saying "You'll never see him again." Then, the world goes dark and the apocalypse sets in. From there, shots of the gal crying in the back of a car flash occasionally across the screen. Intense!

In the end, Bieber gets the girl -- and a kiss! What will Selena Gomez say?!