Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Speaks Out Against Anthony Weiner

Speaking out against the disgraced New York congressman, Donald Trump has released a video filled with harsh words about Anthony Weiner on his YouTube page.

The real estate mogul lashed out at Rep. Weiner (who just admitted to tweeting lewd pictures of himself to six women), going as far as saying he "should never be allowed to run for office again."

Donald told, “I know him very well. He called me all the time looking for campaign contributions and would never stop. . . . The fact is Anthony Weiner is a bad guy."

Trump further relayed his dislike for the congressman, adding, "He’s a psycho. And when this came out I was not surprised at all. . . . The fact is he lied, he cheated, he was as bad as I’ve ever seen."

gossipcenter/ Photo Credit: Getty Images